Collaborate On Teams


Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a safe space for minorities who are facing injustices, prejudice, and/or discrimination within any system or institution that has been established. This union has been thoughtfully designed as a place away from grievances and other possible overwhelming factors. Our purpose is to provoke change in a greater community for comfort and suitability for all individuals while also teaching the privileged how to be genuine allies.  

Contact: Ty Boyland (XTH teacher) -

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

XTH recognizes the diversity of our students, staff & community and actively works to support a safe space for all. Members of the GSA meet regularly to celebrate, support and respect members of the LGBTQ+ community within XTH and outside. 

Contact: Caitlin Bertsch (XTH teacher) -

Latinx Affinity Group

The LatinX club works to highlight and elevate the Hispanic community at Crosstown High and Memphis by educating, supporting, and advocating for LatinX representation.

Contact: Sra. Aguilar (XTH teacher) - (

Women’s Empowerment Club

WE are a service-oriented group dedicated to equity and inclusivity, with a focus on the rights, history, and achievements of women.  

Contact: Andrea Richardson (XTH teacher) -