Jul 08 2020

The 74 Article about XTH

Categories: In the News

The 74 published a comprehensive article about what Crosstown High looks like one semester into our first year.

Eating, Shopping, and Project-Based Learning: A View From Memphis’ Mall-Based Crosstown High

A mall is perhaps an apt metaphor for the diversity of educational opportunities afforded by project-based learning, an idea with origins in the early 20th century that’s recently seen a surge of interest. The approach lets students engage with a specific question or project over an extended period of time, picking up skills and content along the way, rather than sitting, desks in a row, and learning through direct instruction from a teacher. For example, in the spring semester, students will get lessons on genetics, DNA, and cell structure as they research high cholesterol — and a plan to get Terrill’s under control. (Seriously.)