Apr 05 2020

Today's Student Walkout

Today many of our 10th grade students participated in a peaceful walkout of their classes. They were safely under supervision by staff during the walkout. They organized and expressed themselves extremely well. We are writing to let you know that we have heard them and understand that they feel their concerns about this school year have not been taken into consideration nor responded to.

Crosstown High is a school that values, above all, students’ full engagement in their own education. We believe there’s no greater evidence of that than when they are willing to organize and carry out a peaceful protest as a way of fighting for it. In doing this, they are demonstrating many of the competencies that we are all working as a school community to develop, such as “Express oneself boldly,” “Collaborate on teams,” and “Engage as a citizen.”

We have been listening to their input most of today, agree with much of it, and are actively working to address the students’ concerns as quickly and effectively as is feasible. We respect our students tremendously and are proud of their ability and willingness to speak up for what they believe in.

We held a town hall meeting immediately after the walkout to listen to students’ concerns in greater depth, and will schedule more opportunities next week for both students and family members to share their concerns and ideas. Anyone who would like to share their thoughts in writing are encouraged to do so by emailing Executive Director Chris Terrill (chris [at] crosstownhigh [dot] org) and Principal Alexis Gwin-Miller (gwinmiller [at] crosstownhigh [dot] org).