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Virtual Crosstown High is Open!

What does learning look like at Crosstown High during quarantine?

On Monday, March 30, Virtual Crosstown High launched! Thanks to the hard work of our teachers and staff, every class has been moved to a largely asynchronous, distance-based format, while still maintaining our interdisciplinary, project-based approach, and leaning even more into our emphasis on competency-based education. Even more importantly, many of the assignments are helping students understand and process what is happening with the COVID-19 global pandemic right now. 

For overviews of what is happening in each class, take a look through the welcome letters and first week of assignments for each of our cohorts:

9A Welcome Letter & Assignment Sheet

9B Welcome Letter & Assignment Sheet

10A Welcome Letter & Assignment Sheet

10B Welcome Letter & Assignment Sheet

Here are a few highlights:


    In Biology, students will engage in the “Lead Inquiry” competency by exploring the science behind COVID-19, as well as how their immune system functions. They’ll work on a digital simulation of disease spread and do a hand washing lab that will demonstrate the effectiveness of thorough sanitary measures.


    In Lifetime Wellness, students will work on the “Sustain Wellness” competency by setting up personal plans for staying healthy during quarantine, including implementing good nutrition, regular exercise and mindfulness practices.


    In AP Human Geography, students will delve into our “Engage as a Citizen” competency by evaluating the roles of government, private sector, and citizen sector in our food supply, particularly during a crisis.


    In Economics, students will build their mental muscles to “Read Critically” as they learn more about the economic stimulus bill just passed by Congress and the role of the Federal Reserve in responding to a national crisis.


    In Art, students will “Express Themselves Boldly” through art journaling and art making as tools to personally reflect on the implications of our current situation. 


    In Culinary Arts, students will be “Leading Their Own Learning” by making and caring for a sourdough starter, all while exploring how slow foods are making a comeback during quarantine.

Students will have access to help from teachers and support staff throughout the week, and are being encouraged to engage their family members in some of these big questions. Connecting learning to life is always a priority at Crosstown High, but never has it been more important to help students understand and learn and how they can impact their world.

Posted by Matt Ervin at 03:58