The Ballot Bees

Competencies Addressed

Design Solutions, Engage as a Citizen

The Challenge

Our friends at The Ballot Project use publicly-available databases to analyze voting behavior in Shelby County. They challenged us to help them better understand the causes and factors related to low turnout among young registered voters.

The Solution

We developed survey questions for young voters and used several methods to canvas over one thousand registered voters within the specified age range. We designed a direct-mail postcard with a link to the survey, and also pushed it on social media. Thanks to a partnership with ALSAC St. Jude, our team was also able to get training on using a call center and we spent two class periods calling young voters from the voter database. We then identified the most prevalent reasons why young people do not vote and have used that data to make evidence-based suggestions to The Ballot Project.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks to The Ballot Project and ALSAC-St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for supporting us in this project!

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