Crosstown Holiday Open House

Competencies Addressed

Lead One's Learning, Collaborate on Teams, Build Community

The Challenge

The Crosstown Advisory Board asked us to help them get residents and employees of the Concourse to visit people and places they'd never encountered in the building. This would be in support of Crosstown's "better together" mission.

The Solution

Our project team planned and hosted a Holiday Open House for the whole building. Starting in the fall, we reached out to all of the Crosstown tenants and invited them to participate in the Open House. We sent out a survey to get basic info on each tenant, which we used to design a scavenger hunt using an app we found online. We created signs for each of the participating tenants so that Open House participants would know where to go. We also shot a video that serves as an introduction to the school For Crosstown High’s part of the Open House, and had it playing on an iPad at the school entrance. We timed the Open House to be on the same day as our Exhibition of Learning, so visitors to XTH got to see what we’d all been working on all semester.

Thank you!

Thank you!

We are thankful for the 30+ Concourse organizations who participated in the Holiday Open House!

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