Equitable Memphis

Every city has a story to tell. The past and present can be discerned in the architectural, agricultural, culinary, industrial, and residential aspects of urban life. In a place like Memphis, that story is complex. Sometimes the meaning of that story is nuanced, and sometimes it is more overt. As Americans, our guiding philosophy of freedom and equality have often been overshadowed by injustice and inequity. Because of these opposing forces, many Americans can, along with Langston Hughes, call America “The land that never has been yet—And yet must be—the land where every man is free.”

The Challenge

This quarter, Humanities students will learn about the many factors that contribute to the lived experience of Memphians. Through AP Human Geography, as well as various literary selections, they will consider the physical organization of a city, as well as issues related to the distribution of industry, services, food, and other resources. Through this study, as well as through the insights of community partners, students will understand the unique challenges and problems associated with a topic of their choice. Ultimately, students will design solutions for their area of focus, with the goal of creating a more equitable city.

How You Can Help

We are seeking professionals who work in the areas listed below who would be willing to give students feedback on their projects at a few key checkpoints along the way, and be part of a panel of assessors of their work at the end of the project cycle. Please use the link at the bottom of the page to leave your contact information.

Example Areas of Project Focus

Food security
Economic development
Minority- and women-owned business development

Neighborhood development
Fair housing
Public transportation

Access to green spaces
...and more!

If you can help....

If you can help....

If you can help, please leave your contact information here. We will be reaching out shortly if one of our student projects matches your area of expertise. Know of someone else who can help? Please email Ginger at gspickler@crosstownhigh.org with your referral. Thank you!

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