Aquatic Rescue

Seeking Community Partners

Please sign up here to share your feedback about their projects with students on 5/3 and 5/6. We also invite you to share this page with your colleagues!

The Challenge

Students in our biology classes are working to understand human effects on local ecosystems. They will be exploring this mainly by examining soil and water pollution along the Wolf River and other local bodies of water, and then designing solutions to combat this contamination.

How You Can Help

We are looking for professionals in the fields of biology, ecology, and environmental advocacy who can engage with our students, either in person or virtually, to provide expert feedback on the experiments and solutions they are designing. Your involvement will ground student learning in real-world applications of the knowledge and skills they are building in class.

If you can help....

If you can help....

If you are a biology or ecology professional and can help with our next round of feedback on Friday, May 3, or Monday, May 6, please sign up here!

Competencies Addressed

Lead Inquiry

Design Solutions

Collaborate on Teams

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