Immigration Project

Community Partners

Please sign up here if you are willing to talk with a student about your experience as an immigrant or getting to know someone who came from another country. We also invite you to share this page with your colleagues!

The Project

For our 2nd quarter project, students in the 9th grade are taking a deep dive into the lived experiences of refugees, immigrants, and displaced persons who call the city of Memphis their home. Their goal is to develop a way to tell these stories in empathetic and innovative ways by utilizing their skills of artistry, design, and writing. Our students will seek to go beyond the often trivialized or catastrophized narratives seen on the internet and the news media.

How You Can Help

The centerpiece of this project is a week-long series of empathy interviews in which our students will speak with immigrants and refugees from all over the world, as well as people whose lives have been enriched through their interactions with people who have left their homes to settle in a new place. If you or anyone you know would like to help our students with their projects, please use the link above to leave your contact info. Thank you!

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