Collaborate On Teams

Student Government Association

Crosstown High’s Student Government Association strives to be the voice for all students and encourage meaningful participation in student activities. We want to represent and execute the student will, and to promote the general welfare of self-government. Crosstown High’s SGA executive board meets once a week to discuss goals and objectives for the student body. We take into consideration the learning space and academic experiences of students at Crosstown and think of ways to improve them. So far in the 2020-21 school year, we have made a student bill of rights, ratified our constitution, started an official SGA Instagram, and are instituting bi-weekly emails consisting of meeting summaries and google surveys so that we can be aware of how students feel in their learning environment.

Executive Board 

Elaine Nguyen: President 

Makiyah Vann: Vice President 

Anna Calvo: Board Representative 

Ava Richardson: Board Representative 

Sofia Gutiérrez: Secretary 

Courtney Love: DEI SGA representative 

Holden Guibao: Honor Council Co-Chair

Pamela Joyce Crimiel: Head of Honor Council 

Asher Crouch: Treasurer

Mr. Deion Jordan: SGA Advisor