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Crosstown High is a learner-centered public charter school that engages students in meaningful, project-based work and authentic relationships that will prepare them to be self-directed, lifelong learners. We are located inside Crosstown Concourse, a landmark adaptive reuse development project in the heart of Memphis.

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Design the Future

Featured Competency

Lead One's Learning

I Am A Self-Driven, Self-Directed Inventor Of My Own Learning Path.

Crosstown - Lead Ones Learning
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Read Critically

I Am A Critical Reader

Crosstown - Read Critically
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Reason Quantitatively

I Am A Data-Based Problem Solver And Mathematical Thinker

Crosstown - Reason Quantitatively
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Lead Inquiry

I Am A Curious Sense-Maker.

Lead Inquiry
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Design Solutions

I Am A Generative And Creative Thinker And Designer.

Crosstown - DesignSolutions
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Express Oneself Boldly

I Am A Compelling Writer, Speaker, And Creator.

Crosstown - Express Onself Boldly
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Develop Self-Knowledge

I Am A Reflective Builder Of Self-Knowledge

Crosstown - Self Knowledge
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Collaborate On Teams

I Am A Self-Aware Team Member, Essential Co-Creator, And Talent-Seeker.

Collaborate On Teams
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Sustain Wellness

I Am An Intentional Champion Of My Own Wellness.

Crosstown - Sustain Wellness
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Build Community

I Am A Proactive And Purposeful Community Member

Crosstown - BuildCommunity
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Learn From The Past

I Am A Holder Of Foundational Historical And Cultural Knowledge

Crosstown - Learn From Past
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Engage As A Citizen

I Am A Fully Engaged Citizen

Crosstown - EngageAsCitizen
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What Does Project-Based Learning Look Like?

Project-based learning is designed to answer the age-old student question -- "When will I use this in real life?" XTH teachers talk about what PBL looks like in practice and how it is expanding their students' perspectives on the world around them.

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