Collaborate On Teams

Crosstown High's Mission:

We are an authentic learning community boldly working to design the future.

Crosstown High's Purpose:

Crosstown High is a diverse learning community cultivating student leaders who know who they are, how to learn, and how to contribute in ways that matter to them and to the future of our community.

Crosstown High's Values:

  • We value CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVITY, and COLLABORATION, and we are empowered to lead as we learn.

  • We value INTERSECTIONS and UNEXPECTED CONNECTIONS and will learn from PURPOSEFUL EXPERIENCES in Crosstown Concourse and beyond. We seek to understand and impact the challenges, assets, and opportunities in our communities.

  • We value ALL VOICES. We will create a culture of respect for our differences that will enable us to learn with and from each other with the goal of enriching our experience, our education, and our community. We know that we are better together.

  • We value a SAFE AND NURTURING ENVIRONMENT where we can learn from our failures and discover our passions and purposes.

  • We value WELLNESS — physical, emotional, relational — and will challenge and support one another as we seek it for ourselves and our communities.

  • We value LIFELONG DISCOVERY and will develop the skills to innovate and adapt.

Crosstown High's Pillars:

Project-based: Learners engage at a deep level in real-world challenges with our partners in Crosstown Concourse and beyond. Students’ authentic work is driven by their interests and passions and the needs of our community. Through project-based learning, students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Read more about high-quality project-based learning.

Competency-based: Learning at Crosstown High is designed to allow students to demonstrate their progress toward proficiency in the twelve competencies necessary for success in life after high school. These competencies include not only the traditional standards of the courses that are required by the state of Tennessee for students to graduate, but also the knowledge, skills and dispositions that complete our well-rounded vision for an XTH graduate. Students at all levels can find success as they receive timely, differentiated support to progress toward proficiency in all of the competencies. Read more on competency-based learning.

Relationship-driven: We believe that students can only learn when they feel safe and supported. All XTH students spend significant time each week with their Advisory -- a group of about 14 students paired with one staff member. Advisory is designed to support students’ social-emotional development, enhance leadership and advocacy skills, as well as provide academic support. We use restorative practices to promote and strengthen positive school culture and enhance social relationships within the school community and among our community partners.

Diverse by design: In order to prepare for an increasingly globalized society, we believe that young people from diverse backgrounds must learn with and from each other. Therefore, we work each year to recruit a student body that represents the full richness of our community. We have no entry requirements, meaning that any student zoned to a Shelby County School has an equal chance of being selected in our annual enrollment lottery. 

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About XQ

In 2017, Crosstown High was named one of 19 XQ Super Schools in the U.S., having earlier submitted an application for the XQ Super School Challenge -- an open call to the nation to rethink and redesign the American high school. In the fall of 2015, a team of more than 70 Memphis parents, educators, students, business people and other community leaders volunteered their time to envision an innovative new high school for Memphis students that would take full advantage of the unique location of Crosstown Concourse. Many of the original XQ team members are still involved today as XTH staff, board members and parents of current students. Crosstown High benefits from the resources, training, and connections to other innovative schools and institutions that XQ offers.