Learning at Crosstown High is designed to allow students to demonstrate their progress toward proficiency in the twelve competencies necessary for success in life after high school. These competencies include not only the traditional standards of the courses that are required by the state of Tennessee for students to graduate, but also the knowledge, skills and dispositions that complete our well-rounded vision for an XTH graduate. 

Lead One's Learning

I am a self-driven, self-directed inventor of my own learning path.

Crosstown - Lead Ones Learning
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Reason Quantitatively

I am a data-based problem solver and mathematical thinker.

Crosstown - Reason Quantitatively
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Read Critically

I am a critical reader.

Crosstown - Read Critically
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Lead Inquiry

I am a curious sense-maker.

Lead Inquiry
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Design Solutions

I am a generative and creative thinker and designer.

Crosstown - DesignSolutions
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Express Oneself Boldly

I am a compelling writer, speaker, and creator.

Crosstown - Express Onself Boldly
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Develop Self-Knowledge

I am a reflective builder of self-knowledge.

Crosstown - Self Knowledge
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Collaborate on Teams

I am a self-aware team member, essential co-creator, and talent-seeker.

Collaborate On Teams
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Sustain Wellness

I am an intentional champion of my own wellness.

Crosstown - Sustain Wellness
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Build Community

I am a proactive and purposeful community member.

Crosstown - BuildCommunity
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Learn from the Past

I am a holder of foundational historical and cultural knowledge.

Crosstown - Learn From Past
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Engage as a Citizen

I am a fully engaged citizen.

Crosstown - EngageAsCitizen
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