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Outside the Box Education

Parents of current Crosstown High students reflect on their family's experience at XTH in this short video.


"Diverse by Design" Video Series by 180 Studio

How do you reimagine something that has looked the same for generations? And what does a diverse society require -- and need -- in order to support a shared commitment to the common good? In this four-part series from the first year of Crosstown High, documentarians chronicle one community's efforts to answer both questions. In the city of Memphis, in a formerly abandoned Sears warehouse, a new school is aspiring to model something that hasn't been seen before -- a version of school that looks nothing like the schools most of us attended or experienced, and an explicit commitment to weave together a community of young people who embody the full range of Memphis's social, economic, and ethnic diversity.

Students Engage in Project-Based Learning. The Results Surprised Them.

Crosstown High teachers asked ninth graders to investigate problems with life on Earth and consider moving to Mars. Instead of traditional courses, students built prototype environments, debated space ethics, tested plants for oxygen production, and more. Sounds fun, right? Well, a lot of the students weren’t sure what to make of it. Were they actually learning? Then came the test...

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Student Reflections

11th grader Harmony Sheftall reflects on a meaningful project-based learning experience.



"Diverse-by-Design" Crosstown High in Memphis Graduates Its First Class 

Students and school leaders reflect on the first years and the future of the school. (And check out ALL of the schools that accepted our grads!)

The Future of School Will Not Look LIke "School." (It Will Look Like This.) by Sam Chaltain

We don’t just want to sit and listen, the students explained. We want to do stuff.


Discover Crosstown

Learn why Crosstown High was chosen as an XQ Super School!


Contribution: Schools Alive With Possibility by Tom Vander Ark

What if young people had the opportunity to investigate the world they will inherit and begin to make their contribution?


Crosstown High: Innovative Memphis School in a Vertical Urban Village by Tom Vander Ark

One of the most innovative schools in the country is located in one of the most innovative buildings in the country.

Learning at the Concourse: Crosstown High by Erik Day and Rebecca Midles

Crosstown High is a model of whole-student, personalized, and authentic learning that demonstrates what a commitment to competency-based education can yield for a school.

ANF Architects Wins National Design Award for Crosstown High

Our physical space was carefully designed to support our interdisciplinary, project-based learning model. Check out the photos!



Shift Your Paradigm Podcast Episode 46: Crosstown High

As a learner here, I've had so many experiences I've gotten to really learn from instead of just memorizing information.