Crosstown - DesignSolutions

We believe that learning is most effective when we are developing new skills and knowledge in the context of solving authentic problems. There is no shortage of real-life challenges for our students to engage in. In our core classes, teachers typically design projects that allow students to practice the competencies being addressed by the material they're studying. Projects we tackle may come from our community partners, or sometimes from challenges we're facing in our own school. In either case, projects are most effective and engaging when they draw on different areas of learning, address an authentic challenge, and allow students to explore their own interests and passions. The cards below represent examples of the types of projects students have engaged in over the past few years.

Crosstown High Project Gallery: The onset of COVID-19 and our subsequent move to virtual learning served as an inspiring catalyst to develop this platform as an alternative to our communal presentations of learning, as well as provide opportunities to remain connected, even while we’re apart.