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Yeti Talk


Design a Solution, Collaborate on Teams, Sustain Wellness

The Challenge

Our friends at Alliance Healthcare Services told us that many of the young patients they treat for mental health conditions are often suffering from loneliness and isolation at school. They asked us to design a solution that would address this issue.

The Solution

With support from our Inclusion Specialist, our School Counselor and professionals in the counseling field, we developed “Yeti Talk” -- a peer counseling program. We received training in youth mental health first aid from the Church Health Behavioral Health Department to prepare us for conversations with our peers. We developed a bulletin board in our Learning Commons to introduce our peer counselors, and set up an online form where students could request a Yeti Talk meeting.


We are grateful for our friends at Alliance Healthcare Services who presented this challenge and then worked faithfully with us to help us get to a great solution.

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